Monday, December 9, 2013

Stitched Season's Greetings

Amongst the dozens of cards your nearest and dearest will receive at this time of year, give your greetings a little needlework flourish:

Stitching on card is simple and speedy, but it adds a sweet personal touch. For this card, I used some fabric scraps to make a little bauble.

I used Bondaweb iron-on adhesive to stick the striped fabric to the spotty circle. I wanted to add some subtle stitching, so I made a few little cross stitches in pink. Rather than stick the fabric straight to the greeting card, I attached it to a piece of thick paper card, which adds depth and texture to the final result:

Bondaweb is so easy and a lot less messy than glue. One side of the Bondaweb roll is textured, the other is similar to greaseproof paper. Cut out the shape, iron the textured bit to the fabric, then peel the paper backing off and iron the fabric to the card. It is instantly adhered, so you can carry on with your work.

I tend to avoid the whole “Happy Christmas” and “Noel” slogans on my cards, so for this one I decided on a song. I found that the stitching goes much more smoothly if I punch small holes in the card first with a slightly larger needle than the one I am using with the embroidery floss.

I added a little silver floss as the ornament’s crown...all that’s left now is to glue a bit of card or fabric on the inside of the card to cover the stitches.

This method is so versatile, with any shapes or templates, or any holiday for that matter. Here I made some fabric stockings and hung them on a little string washing line. I stitched some green grass and the words at the top.

Each of these cards took about half an hour to make, but I have a feeling they will wind up in little Christmas frames as keepsakes...
Christine x

What are you stitching? Please share in the &Stitches Flickr group. We'd love to see it!


  1. You are such a clever crafter Chrissie! These are lovely. xx

  2. these are delightful and as you say quick to do too


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