Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Awesome Embroideries featured in 2013


Top row: Bronte Beasties, Garden Sampler, Nancy Drew, Abstract Flower Garden

I must admit I got so inspired just writing this post and looking through all the finds we featured on our blog this year. Please find more info about the artists featured in this mosaic by clicking the links (which will take you to the original blogpost here on &Stitches).  Keep on sharing your awesome embroideries in the &Stitches Flickr group in 2014!


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  2. I'm so honored that my little color wheel is featured in a group with such beautiful and innovative art. Beautiful collection! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for including my Bronte Beasties, they were my private commission for the Singer Gotye :) http://cherryandcinnamon.com/2013/08/30/bronte-beasties-for-gotye/ Happy New Year &Stitches!

  4. Thanks chaps for including 'Today is a Good Day'. Happy New Year to all.


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