Monday, September 23, 2013

Tips & Tricks: Creating Depth in Embroidery

As I announced a little while back, we're starting a new Tips & Tricks feature here on the blog. Under the theory that we can all learn something from each other, we hope you will write in and share one embroidery tip with us, something you've learned along the way that you can't do without. Or maybe you need a tip for something you've been having trouble with - email us about it and we'll try to answer and ask our readers for their ideas too!

Our first tip is shared by &Stitches reader Debbie D'Amelio, who shared a bit about her experience creating depth in her embroidery:

I have found that playing around with both the number of cotton floss threads and combining different colors (same hue or different) adds a lot to my pictures. The difference between a fill stitch done with 2 threads v. 6 is huge -- or using various threads in a long-short section to indicate a higher or thicker section in one area and thinner in another or adding shades for depth. I also use machine embroidery thread combined with floss. Anything that's thread is fair game.

Debbie also asks if anyone else has tips for creating depth and layers in stitches - if you have anything to share or ask, please email us at and we'll share it here next month!


  1. Great tip! I too alter the number of strands to create different levels of depth. It's super easy to do and can be done with any types of thread - I've even used cotton yarn intended for knitting/crochet before.
    Great blog by the way - I've just discovered you and I'm all signed up so I don't miss anything more. Will get thinking about tips to share.
    Joanna \


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