Thursday, August 29, 2013

We need you! Send us your tips and questions!

We're working on a new feature at &Stitches: Tips 'n Tricks, where we'll share little embroidery tips and help you out if you're stuck on a stitchy problem.

But we need your help! We hope you'll help us make this a group effort, where we all (us too!) share a tip and get a whole stack in return. We know everyone has a little trick that's unique to them, from how they get a nice round french knot to a great way to store projects - and we really hope you'll share yours!

Pretty please write to us at, contact us on Twitter, post a message on Facebook, leave a comment, or stop us in the street - get in touch any way you like and share a little tip or let us know what embroidery problem you have that you just can't seem to solve. Maybe you need help picking the right hoop for a project or your stem stitch is always a bit lumpy. Maybe you know a magic way to get a lovely even satin stitch or you think your floss organization system is the absolute best. Anything even remotely related to embroidery - send them in!

Let's all share a little bit of our unique knowledge and learn something from each other!

1 comment:

  1. There are a few things I have learned over the years but one of my favorites is Sulky iron on, tear away stabilizer. It changed my life.


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