Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Sampler-along: Wheat Ear Stitch


Today I'd like to introduce you to (or perhaps re-acquaint you with) one of my favourite stitches: the Wheat Ear Stitch. I think it's obvious where it got it's name from! The Wheat Ear Stitch is perfect for making decorative straight lines as well as curvy ones. I especially like making 'Wheat Ear Circles' and I can't wait to see how you all will be experimenting with this stitch in your Garden Path Sampler!

So without further ado: here's a photo tutorial on how to make a Wheat Ear Stitch. If you click on the photos you can view them in a larger size on Flickr. :)


I always like to draw a guideline when I work this particular stitch. If you want your Wheat 'leaves' (the stitches that point outward) to be extremely accurate you may even prefer to use three guidelines: one in the middle (like mine) and a parallel line on either side.


I hope you will have lots of fun with the Wheat Ear Stitch, don't forget to post your Garden Path Sampler wip's in our Flickr Group here.


  1. I love learning new stitches and this tutorial is really interesting. I didn't know the Wheat ear stitch. Thanks for sharing ladies!!

    1. You are welcome Paloma! Are you sampler-ing along with us?

  2. I've been having so much fun learning all these new stitches! I picked up a copy of Lucinda Ganderton's Stitch Dictionary just before the sampler-along started, and between the two I'm all fired up about learning lots of new stitches.

    My wheat ears are a little scraggly, but they were getting better by the time I finished. Will post a photo tomorrow!

  3. I haven't been doing a sampler, but I've been working these stitches (all new to me) into other pieces where they seem like they fit. The wheat ear stitch looked like it could be veins in leaves to me, so that's what I used it for. Perfect touch for my folksy tree. :)

  4. I finally stitched the wheatear stitch on my sampler. You can read about it here:


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