Monday, June 24, 2013

June Sampler-along: progress

Garden path sampler - &Stitches
Hey guys! Are you stitching along with us? How are you doing? I have somehow managed to almost finish mine although I feel like I've not had much time to work on it.. :-)

I have of course used the granito stitch, wheatear and sheaf filling stitches. I'm not quite done with the granito and sheaf 'beds' - I think because they feel kinda fiddly and time consuming. I've also used point russe, crown stitch and square boss stitch. I knew point russe before, but not the other two. I quite like the square boss stitch. It did take me a couple of stitches to get the hang of it - although it is fairly easy, actually!

What have you been filling the 'garden beds' with? Is your sampler in progress? Did you finish it already, superstar? Please leave blog links in the comments or you can share in the &Stitches Flickr group. We would love to see it! And we're planning on doing a round up post with lots of examples, so please share yours so we can include it! :-)

P.S. You can download the Garden Path sampler template here if you haven't already.

Garden path sampler - &Stitches


  1. Yours looks fantastic! Mine is coming along, but I've had a bit of a setback. I tried to do a backstitch trellis section, and it's pretty unfortunate looking. I think I'm going to rip it out (it's only half done) and stick to more scattered types for the remaining sections.

    1. Thank you, Daisy!

      Oh, isn't it annoying when stitching doesn't cooperate? But it's always better to rip it out than try and live with something that annoys you.. ;-)

  2. Oh, Carina! I like yours *so* much better than mine. :)

  3. How beautiful! I love the ombre stitches, so pretty on the orange background. x Stacey


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