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Interview: Megan Eckman of Studio MME

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Feeding the Moon

Even before graduating in 2009 from Minnesota State University Moorhead with degrees in art and creative writing, Megan Eckman had started her creative business Studio MME IllustrationsStudio MME Illustrations is all about rekindling your wonder and making your world more magical. Megan not only illustrates with pen and ink but also turns some of her dream-like designs into captivating embroidered illustrations. 

Megan Eckman

Do your embroidery patterns start out as illustrations or do you also design with an embroidered version in mind?

For the most part, my embroidery patterns begin as pen and ink illustrations.  I wanted to come up with a way for my customers to have more interaction with my artwork and I thought what better way than to let them create it themselves?  The lines of the inked illustrations translate perfectly into straight stitches.

Coming Home (embroidery)

Coming Home (print)

Which embroidery or textile artists do you admire?

I’m infatuated with Penguin and Fish.  Her work is absolutely darling and she has an equal love for the straight stitch. Jillian Tamaki’s illustration and embroidery also make my jaw drop open every time I see them.

Love Whale

Straight Stitch or the Hungarian Braided Chain Stitch?

Straight stitch!  Even the simplest things can create truly intricate designs.

I love the little stories in your pattern descriptions, how do you come up with them?

I’m an author as well as an illustrator so I always felt it very important that my customers could be storytellers in their own right.  Usually the stories come to me before the actual image. 

If fishes were wishes

Do any of the characters featured in your patterns make an appearance in your book ‘How to outsmart Tea Pirates‘?

Good question!  Meowby Dick and the Love Whale both make a little appearance with their illustrations and silly stories. 

Meowby Dick 

Cats or Jackalopes?

Ooh that's a tricky one. Since jackalopes don't strike me as overly cuddly, I'd have to say cats.

What project are you working on at this moment?

I can’t share too much of a secret book project but I’ll be releasing 10 new patterns this summer in a collaborate embroidery book with 9 other artists.  More patterns will also soon be appearing on my website now that I have a little more time to sew new ones.


Thank you for a wonderful interview Megan! 

If you are interested in Megan's embroidery patterns (or books, pillows and other artwork) you can find them in her shop. 

P.S.  Megan is currently doing a 365 day portrait drawing challenge and you can submit photos too. Find out the details here.

All photos by Megan Eckman of Studio MME Illustrations

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  1. I love her work! I've embroidered Miss Oste Rich and Mister Mal Laird, and they're two of my favorite things I've ever stitched. :)



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