Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mushrooms & Toadstools

Found on Flickr

My creation

1. Fairy Toadstool mini stumpwork WIP, 2. Farce, 3. Tragedy, 4. Toadstool, 5. sem título #1 - detalhe, 6. Close up of Toadstool

Mushrooms and toadstools must just call out to stitchers, because a scan through the &Stitches Flickr pool shows them to be a recurring theme in embroideries of all types. And why not really, they're so adorable and versatile! In just this little group, we have stumpwork, a 3-dimensional piece, a tiny toadstool decorating a practical item, mushrooms with personalities, and fantastical mushrooms in bright and unexpected colors. It's amazing that each of them is instantly recognizable as a toadstool, or mushroom, but they all have their own unique style. Kind of makes you want to go stitch some mushrooms and see how yours come out, doesn't it?

Julie is a knitter and stitcher, born in the US but now living in the UK. She loves vintage embroidery books and bad slasher movies. With her mum, Julie designs embroidery pattern inspired by literature under the name Little Dorrit & Co.


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  1. Each is so different but equally delightful! Great collection :)


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