Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer bloggin' (do you fit the profile?)

Your stitchy hosts are not afraid to experiment a little, not just with embroidery floss but with our blog as well! We are looking for some inspiring Stitchy Peeps to write a (guest) post (or two) on this blog over the next two months. Maybe it's you?

What/who are we looking for exactly?

- You need to send us an idea of what you would like to post about. Obviously it would have to be related to  embroidery or stitching.  You could write about your favourite vintage embroidery book, a technique or stitch you want to explain, your collection of antique embroidery hoops. A top ten of novels featuring embroidery. Or perhaps a (free!) summer pattern you made and want to share.

- Your style and photos need to fit our aesthetic. Good photos (for example if you are doing a 'how to' about a stitch) are really important to us. Patterns need to be clean and clear. And our style? We prefer original and quirky over ordinary, fresh and vibrant over stuffy and dull and we like to bend rules here and there... A quick scan through our blog post or zines will give you a taste of what we like.

And remember: writing a good blog post takes time!

If you think you fit the profile, drop us a line at with your idea. We'll get back to you in the next week or so. Might take a few days since we're busy putting the next issue of &Stitches together! :-)

If the experiment turns out well who knows where it will take us... (or you!)

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