Wednesday, February 1, 2012

SeptemberHouse - Issue 1 featured designer

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Time to get to know a bit more about Corinne who is our feature designer in Issue 1 of &Stitches.

We we're super excited that Corinne said yes to be our very first guest designer, because we just love her work! And if you've seen the design she made for &Stitches, A Splash of Colour, it's absolutely fabulous!

Corinne has a blog called So September where she shows the things she's making, sewing tutorials and even some free patterns.

In her shop, SeptemberHouse, you can find lots of fun stitchy goods: embroidery patterns, printed panels ready to stitch on, pendants and more. All with Corinne's quirky , stitchy signature. Clicking on the numbers on each image in the mosaics will take you over to Corinne's shop where you can check out the details.

Thank you, Corinne!

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