Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book review: Colour Confidence in Embroidery

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Just as we were finishing the first issue of &Stitches with colour as theme, Colour confidence in Embroidery by Trish Burr was published so we couldn't review it in the e-zine. But this book is too good not to share! There are over 250 pages with information about using colour in your embroidery work and 12 well documented projects as well.

The first half of the book has lots of information about techniques and how to use colour effectively. Beginners and more advanced embroiderers alike will certainly find something (or more likely a lot) in these pages to learn from and I couldn't help but feel very much inspired to try new things. 

The book covers embroidery basics, including information about floss and what fabric to use. There is an abundance of helpful photos of stitched colour combinations (about 40 pages in total!) all presented in a petal shape and with DMC colour key. One of my favourite parts of the book is the chapter about shading: the effect particular stitches have and how to make a 'perfect blend' with the long-short stitch.

The second part of the book contains 12 patterns, flowers, fruits and birds. Each pattern is an exponent of a certain colour. The patterns are exceptionally well documented. There's a (long) list of DMC flosses needed for each project, fabric, needles etc and the pattern itself is explained very minutely. The patterns are aimed at stitching a quite traditional very realistic looking flower or bird.  If that is what appeals to you the book is worth buying just for the patterns alone. Now if that isn't exactly your style, you could consider the patterns as further study material on how to apply colour blending and other techniques to your own work. If you are interested in this subject the book a must-have anyway. For me the best way to really get the most from this book, is to make at least one of the patterns though. I quite fancy the Tufted Flycatcher or the Lilac-breasted Roller pictured above!

Trish Burr/Colour confidence in Embroidery/Milner Craft Series
ISBN: 9781863514262

We were not paid for this review in money or goods. Santa gave me this book (he has such good taste!) last Christmas. :)


  1. looks great. Amazon UK is saying it doesn't come out til end of March 2012 though.

    1. Yes, I noticed that too! However it *is* available at Amazon.com. My copy was ordered at the bookdepository.com (free postage worldwide yay!) but I checked and they are currently not in stock there. I also checked and saw that it was available online at W.H. Smith (if you are in the UK) and Waterstones. :)

    2. umm it's not at Waterstones anymore either! :(


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